Elbow Tendonitis

According to my training/injury log I have been hurt since March 17, 2007. You know you get hurt too often when you can’t thumb very far through your training journal without bumping into continuous runs of pages with notes on old injuries.

Self diagnosed lateral epicondylitis (AKA tennis/climbers elbow). Currently my treatment regime involves copious direct ice four times per day with 1200-1600 mg doses of Vitamin-I spread out across the day. I treat it with a small electric blanket nightly before bed for 30 minutes and every few days give it a good rub down with some BenGay or like analgesic ointment topically. Overall the pain is currently a four on a scale of ten and my best guess at prognosis is another two months.

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It’s Alive

It is about time. After years of talking about it and setting out at least twice before and then for various reasons abandoning it is finally done – online presence established. WordPress is treating me great so far. Total time was about three days to get a handle on the basic ins and outs along with the usual mundane work of setting up database, configuring apache, picking up a domain from Register.com and getting my DNS set up correctly. That reminds me I need to set up a reverse DNS map and MX record to get email fully functional not to mention a POP3 server.

Thanks to BloggingPro for all the hard work they did in putting this beautiful theme together. Look for some subtle changes as time goes by and contact me with any glaring problems.

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