Website Update

Have been busy the last few days making some minor modifications to the site. Improvements include shaping up the primary menu, adding resume in PDF format, making sense of the about page, fixing various broken HTML pieces, validate XHTML, and adding some underlying WordPress plugins to banish SPAM from the comments (i.e., very few comments on the site so far and zero SPAM, but better safe then sorry).

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Holy Trinity Web Site Update

For over a year I have been working on a redesign of my local parish website, Holy Trinity Catholic Church. I have put in some heavy time here and there, but nothing consistent. We are building a blog style site founded on the Drupal CMS with tag categories for Church bulletin, religious education, news flashes, some ad hoc material and static content for things like maps, parish committees, school events, etc…

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Rotator Cuff Conditioning

For my friend Todd Langley and anyone else in need of a list of exercises for rotator cuff conditioning with a slant towards the rock climber.

Key assumption is you can find a modern athletic facility with a well equipped weight room.

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