Quote Panel

Yesterday while looking at the new blog header I decided to have a hand at adding a quote mechanism. I have always been fond of the hilarious tongue in check The Tao Of Programming series – the first self titled book being best by far. My initial notion was to put it in the footer which seemed vacuous. Puzzled I gave up for a few hours and wandered to a tangential stream of thought. Later, while talking with my wife just before bed an idea hit me like a ton of bricks.  Why not put a sliding quote panel in the header animated by jQuery? Nearly sick with excitement I “uhm”-ed my way through the rest of the talk with my wife and then stole off the first chance to get to a computer to hammer out some initial code before the ephemeral concept evaporated from my mind.

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Nothing to Say

It was an arid posting week here at the blog trying to come up with something fresh to say. In the process of looking around at the ship shape of the blog the realization that the header and logo look squirrelly occurred. So I fired up Photoshop, vim and git and changed things around to a more streamlined, recognizable and social/web 2.0 header area.  Also, the archive layout issue was fixed yet again. Now if I could only come up with a good idea to blog about.

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Nikon D90 Learning Tools

In have been eying the Nikon D90 DSLR for the better part of three months. At the start of March, 2010 Nikon Rumors reported some deep online discounts were in the works and with my birthday pending at the end of the month I pulled the trigger and purchased a D90 camera kit including a Nikkor 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VRII all around lens from B&H Photo Video. Much to my joy even my wife approved the purchase. Now that the easy part is done it’s time to learn how to use this interface monster.

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GoF Design Patterns

GoF Design Patterns

As a programmer and all around nerd dating back to my teen years I have covered a fair bit of computing terrain. However, at a recent job interview requiring Java skills I completely floundered when asked, “Talk to us about design patterns and illustrate some instances where you have applied them?”  Baffled and not one to beat around the bush I admitted my naivety immediatley. In a gesture of kindness the interview panel threw a few classic design patterns at me like singleton and abstract factory both of which I was aware of, but only had a vague grasp of. One guy on the panel suggested I read up on a famous engineering design pattern book by a group referred to as the Gang of Four. I took him up on that offer a few days later and ordered a used copy of Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software from Amazon.

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Math Combinations, RDBMS and Perl

Recently, while developing a web charting application I ran into a problem involving combinations and permutations. The application mimics an existing paper charting method with it’s own meta language to describe certain visual biological markers.  One subset of the meta language defines eight shorthand notation character codes:

  • B = Brown (or Black) Bleeding
  • C = Cloudy (white)
  • C/K = Cloudy/Clear
  • G = Gummy (gluey)
  • K = Clear
  • L = Lubricative
  • P = Pasty (creamy)
  • Y = Yellow (even pale yellow)

Each code can be selected once with any other combination of codes.  Some examples of possible code string combinations with dash separator(s):

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